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STOP settling for meager investment returns!
If you are not earning a 40%-50% annual return on your money... your account is under-performing.
This is kind of a bold statement, so come learn how to make a difference in your financial life,
the "Free Starter Class" is, well... Free!


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Join us at a Free OptionsWest "Starter Class" to learn about the
OptionsWest style covered calls strategy
that earns a
50% annual ROI.

TradeSmart e-Advantage: The e-Advantage service provides an invaluable daily listing of potential covered call trades.

The e-Advantage service also provides timely sample trades, makng it a terrific educational tool!
OptionsWest email alert service allows clients to study trades shortly after we place them. Clients can follow along with our OptionsWest style Covered Calls in the equiFund, as well as see stock trades that we are watching and trading.


Combining our custom Covered Call Calculator with our management software, "TradeView", provides the tools that make consistent successful investing simple and even fun.


Learn Successful Covered Calls investing from professionals.
Successfully managing your finances is a skill that anyone can learn.
At OptionsWest we believe the investing skills we teach could be the most valuable, important and lucrative schooling you will ever experience. Learning to create successful Covered Call trades can change your financial life, we know this because it changed ours. Covered call training is not difficult and many of our students find it easy and even fun. Learning to approach equity investing from a conservative and experienced viewpoint will allow you to successfully manage your finances and achieve a healthy passive income and financial freedom. Successful investment training is what we do.


Successful Investing - Learn Consistent Strategy, annual Returns of 40% - 50% and more!
Successful investors are very skilled at making money in the stock market, year in and year out. These skilled investors approach the market with strategies that work to eliminate speculative trading and hence they make consistent and solid gains in their investment accounts. The approach most amateur investors take is usually based on a directional trading approach, so of course they are never consistent in growing their money. Amateur investors are constantly giving away money in the market. Skilled investors are consistently making money. Successful investing is a skill that can be taught...OptionsWest is confident we can teach you these skills.

OptionsWest is committed to teaching successful stock market investing.
Mastering the ability to successfully trade in the market is not a mystery. There is no big secret behind achieving outstanding annual returns of 50%-75%-100% and more, but it does take learning to reason like a successfull investor. OptinsWest is a group of successful investors who consistently produce outstanding returns. We can teach you what we know and how we do it.
Successful investing can open up a whole new world of opportunity and financial freedom for you and your family. Learn a successful covered call strategy in a classroom setting. You can make this happen!

TradeView is a program designed to greatly enhance an investor's ability to select, manage, track, and grow a trading account. This tool is designed to manage accounts that trade stocks, covered calls, puts, and LEAPS. The Covered Call Calculator, included in this software, is a wealth building tool that will be the engine of your passive income strategy. This OptionsWest style Covered Calls approach will be the heart of your trading success. Tradeview is an integral part of our curriculum. It has been indispensable in our own trading and will play a major role in helping you trade covered calls to achieve a ROI 50%/yr. The focus of our investment training is to build a passive income engine.



OptionsWest has been providing investor education since 2006.
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