The Advanced Investor Course includes (3) classes that concentrate on Stock and Options trading, including the magic of Volatility Squeezes. This approach to trading is known as "momentum investing" and is a strategy that many professional traders use to run money in their own accounts. The first class covers a very specific stock trading approach looking for a 7% monthly return. The second class brings trading "stock options" and LEAPS into the equation and works for a 20% monthly return objective. The third class is a workshop where these skills are put into practice. This last class also teaches a practice method, utilizing historical price action, that is a wonderful tool to hone your skills.


Advanced Stock Trading
Class #1 .... ( 3 ) Hour Class

  • Risk vs Reward
  • Setting STOPS
  • Building a Position
  • Patience and Bravery
  • Importance of Entrys
  • You do not have to trade today!
  • Pounding the Bid!
  • Stock Trading Expectations
  • SPX Trumps All
  • Standing in front - Southbound Train
  • Sectors that are Working
  • Fast Stock Replacments

Advanced Options Trading
Class #2 .... ( 3 ) Hour Class

  • The ugly truth about the spread
  • Killer Time Decay
  • LEAPS Approach
  • Risk vs Risk vs Risk
  • The Long View
  • Charts - Day vs Week View
  • Technical Analysis
  • Calls, Puts, LEAPS
  • Getting In Sync with the trend
  • Waiting to Pounce - Inaction
  • Option Pricing Anomolies.

Stock & Options Workshop
Class #3 .... ( 3 ) Hour Class

  • Case Studies Using Historical Price Action
  • Stock Account Management
  • Stock Spread Action
  • Selling Into Strength
  • Options Spread Buying
  • Buying and Selling and Swapping
  • Record Management
  • Selling Into Strength


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