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Our educational institutions today rarely teach successful investing and the tools required to achieve a passive income. They espouse the mantra of getting a good job with a 401k and great benefits. They never focus on the critical importance of learning to invest your money and the vital principles behind putting that money to work.

Most of us today are too busy making a living to do much more than dream about achieving real financial freedom.
We probably went through college with a variety of goals and aspirations, hoping our education would help us build a more substantial income and lifestyle. For many of us, financial freedom seems always just out of reach. However, the truth is that a passive income is a very attainable goal. In order to accomplish this goal you must learn how to put your money to work and make it work hard. OptionsWest knows that investing successfully is a skill that can be learned. All it takes is getting a real investment education, focusing on your finances, and making sure that equity investing is one of your life skills. You can make this happen! We are here to help.

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"Thanks for the heads up on IDCC... I got the trade at the same spread...right here in my car on my iPhone! Amazing! ... this is awesome! "... Mindy Montgomery, Retired Teacher


Investing can provide you with a passive income and your everyday job cannot!
Unless you are a movie star, a pro athlete, or a bubble baby, the only sure way to achieve a passive income is to have your money making you money. When you work for a wage or salary your income is inherently limited. Invested money, however, can produce income all by itself, even while you sleep. Investing your money should be a high priority to those working and striving for financial freedom. Making your money work for you is a wealthy and intelligent perspective to take and, ultimately, your ticket to financial independence.


How OptionsWest can help you build a passive income:
An OptionsWest education gives you the tools you need to attain your financial ambitions. Our classes teach you the skills of a successful investor and will give you the knowledge to succeed in the market. You will learn everything from the basics of investing to an advanced approach to market trading. We will teach you the approach that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have used for the last century to become the financial leaders of wall street.

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