Very simply, we teach successful investing. We promise you will learn these skills. Although, learning to trade the market successfully is not a discipline that can be absorbed in an afternoon seminar.The learning curve requires attention and time to absorb and practice the craft, The classes, tools, and services that we provide are not found nor taught anywhere else on the planet. We are teaching you exactly what we do in our own investing accounts and sharing the years of experience we have gleaned from trading day after day, year after year. This education is not theory from a textbook, it is a practical hands on activity that will enable you to grow into a successful investor. The course and training are not inexpensive, although they are a briliiant investment in your self and your future earning power.



Our California classroom series begins with a Free Starter Class, followed by eight all-inclusive (3) hour classes. These classes form the core of your investor education, known as the "OptionsWest Successful Investor Series."


The Pro-Investor Package allows you to save significantly over taking the classes individually and includes the TradeView software, the OptionsWest Trading Service and everything you need to master the course.


The OptionsWest Trading Service is a valuable email alert service as well as 24/7 access to the members area of the website and reports and tools we use to make investment decisions. .


The final component of the education is presented in our on-line monthly Investor Super Session meetings, available for those who have completed an OptionsWest course. These are on-line webinars.


We also present intensive weekend courses for those who are out-of-state and find it hard to attend our California classroom; as well as, One-On-One consulting services for personal coaching support as you learn the nuances of successful investing.


Available as well, is our Advanced Investor Course consisting of (3) advanced stock and options trading classes with a workshop for practicing these advanced techniques and approach.


Course A (3) Hour Class Complete Investment Picture

This classroom series includes (8) basic classes that give you a sound foundation for successful trading.


Successful Investing 101

Class 1 (3) Hour Class Stocks and Investing Basics
$ 1,000.00
Options Trading 101 Class 2 (3) Hour Class Investing and Options Trading
$ 1,000.00


Covered Call Concepts

Class 3 (3+) Hour Class Covered Calls Options Basics
$ 1,200.00
Covered Call Trading Class 4 (3+) Hour Class OptionsWest Style Covered Calls
$ 1,200.00


Covered Call Workshop

Class 5 (3) Hour Class Covered Calls Workshop
$ 1,200.00
TradeView Options Investor Class 6 (3) Hour Class TradeView Software Overview
$ 1,200.00


Technical Analysis / Charts

Class 7 (3+) Hour Class Chart Technical Analysis
$ 1,500.00
Successful Stock Investor . Class 8 (3+) Hour Class Successfule Stock Investing
$ 1,500.00

These monthly on-line sessions are presented to hone your trading skills and allow you the access to ongoing instruction to really learn the craft. These monthly forums include time for Q&A and the sharing of trade ideas, as well as the opportunity for personal coaching.

Investor SuperSessions

  Each Session presents a detailed analysis of the months trades and a status of the market. The sessions also includes Q&A and personal coachng.
....$ 600.00
. .Annually

(1) Hour Sessions
These monthly on-line meetings are your tool for really learning the skills of a successful investor. This is your opportunity to listen to other investors and an instructor, learning and trying new approaches and practices, sharing trading ideas and information sources, asking questions and practicing the skills that will allow you to call yourself a successful investor.

..$ 50.00/ea


  Allows Free Refills! - Take the (8) classes as many times as you require within a two year timeframe.

Pro Investor Package Pricing

...Valued at $12,300.00 . . SAVE $4,000.00
Discount Price $ 8,300.00
Package Includes :  
1) Successful Investing 101
$ 1,000.00
2) Options Trading 101
$ 1,000.00
3) Covered Call Concepts
$ 1,200.00
4) Covered Call Trading
$ 1,200.00
5) Covered Call Workshop
$ 1,200.00
6) TradeView Options Investor
$ 1,200.00
7) Techincal Analysis / Charting
$ 1,500.00
8) Successful Stock Investor
$ 1,500.00
Investor SuperSessions (12) Monthly Forum Classes
$.. .600.00
TradeView Software License
$.. .700.00
OptionsWest Trading Service - (12) Months
$ 1,200.00
Total Value
$ 12,300.00


  Trading Management Software
$ 700.00

TradeView Updates

    Annual License

OptionsWest Trading Service

  Email Alerts of trades in Education funds and reports and tools for trading.

$ 700.00
  TradeView Software... is a Visual Basic/Excel platform software tool that greatly enhances an investor's ability to select, manage, track, and grow a trading account. It has been indispensable in our own trading and is a major factor in our success.

$ 100.00 /month
OptionsWest Trading Service... is a service that provides an invaluable daily listing of potential Covered Call trades. The listing presents all the data you need to quickly find and build profitable positions. Running the numbers through the covered call calculator in Tradeview allows for a quick path to placing successful Covered Calls. The service also provides email alerts of all the trades that we place in our equiFund as we place them. You can follow along with our positions and trades to learn how we manage an account.

Discount with Credit Card on File


$ 8,300.00
This weekend course is specifically designed for stock traders who need to learn a unique risk-adverse investment strategy that produces consistent double digit returns. This stratgey also requires minimal time investment per account (4-5 hours per month) and does not require margin (Perfect for IRA accounts). These "Weekend Courses" are intensive, full weekend sessions that teach the same strategy as the full course curriculum. The seminar training approach includes two weekend events. The initial 3 day seminar provides the full course training and is an intensive 5 session weekend. Attendees are incouraged and welcome to return for a second refresher course.

$ 4,800.00
The Experienced Trader Short Course includes (5) sessions that concentrate on bringing experienced traders up to speed with the Equifund OptionsWest style covered call trading account approach. This course is truly for traders who are already familiar with options and covered calls. We work through the details of the OptionsWest Style covered call strategy quickly and concentrate on the process of placing trades, using TradeView and practicing good risk management techniques.

$ 6,500.00
This advanced course is specifically designed for those wanting to learn a professional and successful approach to trading stocks and options. This approach utilizes technical analysis strategies that have proven successful for the past 25 years. This approach is for active traders that want to minimize their downside and learn to apply a disciplined approach to their trading.
This classroom series includes (3) basic classes that teach advanced stock and options trading specifics.


Advanced Stock Trading

Class 1 (3) Hour Class Stocks Trading Specifics

Advanced Options Trading Class 2 (3) Hour Class Options Trading

Stock & Options Workshop

Class 3 (3) Hour Class Workshop (During Mrkt Hours)




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