OptionsWest provides for an array of classes, tools and services to educate and support clients, as they learn the skills and craft of the professional investor. We offer an investing course in our California classroom and Weekend seminars for our out of state clients. We hold monthly SuperSession investor meetings to allow clients the opportunity to share experiences and to learn and grow in their trading acumen. OptionsWest also provides the software to help you select, manage and grow an investment account, while managing risk like a pro. Our E-Advantage service provides daily invaluable stock and sector research that is organized to save you the time and requirement for elaborate research. And lastly, we offer one-on-one phone consulting sessions for individual support.


The first step for California based clients is to take the Free Starter Class. This class shares the concepts and skills needed for successful investing.  Local clients are then given the opportunity to take the “Successful Investor Series”, a full (8) class course.  This comprehensive education provides a solid grounding in the skills required for the successful implementation of the “OptionsWest Style Covered Call” approach.



The Successful Investor Starter Class walks you through how successful investors create wealth through intelligent equity investments, i.e., investing in Stocks, Covered Calls, LEAPS, etc. This is a course in how to make money in the markets through conservative and knowledgeable investing. We have been successfully and consistently managing accounts for years and this course shares with you how we achieve consistent double digit return percentages of 40% to 50% annually.

The course begins with (8) comprehensive classes that give you a sound foundation for successful trading and include a course of study that will allow you to invest with the same strategy we use in the successful EquiFund account. For details of the of classes and their content, select the button below.

For clients that have completed the Sucessful Investor Series, or have attended a Fly-In Weekend Course, or subscribe to the OptionsWest e-Advantage service, we hold a monthly (2) hour trading meetings, where details of the current EquiFund trades are explained and dissected. Trading ideas for future trades are also presented and discussed. These sessions are designed to hone your trading skills and include time for Q&A, as well as time for personal coaching.

This local course is for investors with a strong background in market investing and allows individuals who are familair with options, covered calls, and trading to quickly get up to speed on our approach. It includes four sessions plus a workshop.

For clients who are out of state we offer full (3) day weekend seminars that cover our consistent and successful trading approaches. Our "Investor" weekend and double weekend courses teach the OptionsWest style covered call strategy that we employ in our EquiFund, earning 40%-50% annual returns. Our "Trader" weekend and double weekend courses teach Momentum stock trading and the magic of Volatility Squeezes. All the weekend courses are Friday through Sunday.

The advanced investor course includes (3) classes, taught in our California classroom, that concentrate on momentum stock and options trading, including the magic of volatility squeezes.


OptionsWest has two tools that allow clients to implement our core trading strategy with confidence and a minimal amount of research and time. These tools are indispensible to our own trading and make our investing fun and easy.

This software is designed to greatly enhance an investor's ability to select, manage, track, and grow a trading account. Tradeview is an integral part of our curriculum and is a key component to successful trading and risk management.

This daily sheet lists the possible trades that are available each day and is the basic list we use in selecting new monthly positions for the EquiFund. The Daily Covered Call List is part of the e-Advantage Monthly Service.

We offer a monthly service that includes email alerts of our trades, lists of potential trades, strategic market information on what sectors and charts are working and which are not and more.  The monthly service presents the details of our Volatility Squeeze and Momentum trades and sends out timely email alerts of all trades placed in these accounts. We also offer one-on-one consulting for clients who have taken at least one of our courses.

This daily sheet lists the possible trades that are available each day and is the basic list we use in selecting new monthly positions for the EquiFund.

For clients who have completed our eight core classes or a weekend investment course, we offer one-on-one consulting to help with individual account issues and training.




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