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For those of you local to Southern California, our investment course of eight classes, plus our ongoing monthly Super Session forums, provide the perfect avenue for learning successful market equity investing.

For those of you who live out of state, we offer comprehensive single and double weekend ( Friday thru Sunday) intensive courses that teach the same core strategy and approach that is so successful in our Equifund.

We also offer one-on-one consulting sessions for those who have completed the California course or the Fly-in weekend course.

We also offer our OptionsWest e-Advantage support service for those wishing to access our example trade details and support tools.

OptionsWest offers an advanced trading course for experienxed traders looking to add a professional approach to their stock and options trading skill set.





Investing in the market can sometimes seem like a real puzzle, but it does not have to be that way. Successful investors make a great income from the market, while amateurs tend to just get frustrated. OptionsWest would like to help you solve the puzzle and start enjoying the returns that can be achieved in this business.

The education OptionsWest offers is not taught in any college class, wealth building seminar, or infomercial. The skills and techniques taught in this course are the tools of professional traders, usually learned from landing a prestigious job with a high profile Wall Street trading house.

Years ago, when we were looking for courses that would teach us how to invest successfully, we found virtually nothing available outside of hyped up books and wealth building seminars. These presented big promises, but delivered more questions than answers and little trading success. The OptionsWest approach is honest, straight forward, hands-on, and detailed. Our "Pro Investor Package" allows "Free Refills," allowing you to repeat classes as many times as you wish. This enables you to absorb and internalize what at first can seem like a new world of concepts and vocabulary.

The techniques that we teach are investment strategies that even the IRS has approved for IRA accounts, so you know they are conservative and successful. We know you can learn these skills and we're here to teach them.

This education is designed to be exactly what we had wished for when we were looking to learn how to invest. It is a Complete Trading Education Package.

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The Pro Package includes free repeats ...
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Learn to manage your own money... it can make a world of difference.



Dear Investor,

What we have tried to do with our course is present a curriculum that offers two key benefits, the knowledge and the tools.  Imparting the knowledge is 50% of the approach to successful trading.  Having and learning to use the right tools is the other half.


If you have some experience investing in the market and you have not been professionally trained, you are at a distinct disadvantage. Professional traders have a very clear sense of risk vs reward and it is at the core of their trading success. If you are not already consistently earning 40%-50% annual returns on your money your accounts are under-performing. Our specific trading strategy and especially our tools we use to select positions, control risk, and manage an account, you will find to be invaluable.  Even if you have the knowledge, without good tools your trading approach will be risky, time consuming, imprecise, and have a limited upside. The tools are the key. They allow folks that do not spend years learning this craft, to still be very successful with our strategy.


Our strategy is of course part mechanical and part mental.  What I mean by this, is that once you learn the concept and the rules, it takes experience to think correctly about your investing and to be able to follow the principles.  This trading strategy seems to be much easier for a trading novice to master, as they are not full of the prejudices and bad mental habits of thinking about money and risk.  Amateur traders, who have some experience in the market, usually absorb many incorrect ways of thinking about risk and reward, about gains and losses, all because of the backward logic involved in successful trading. Thinking correctly about risk reward scenarios is hard to work through without specific training and practice in a learning environment.  There really is a difference between the professional and the amateur approach to investing. This difference is recognized most importantly in the sound mental approach to risk-reward decisions taken by professionals.  Our tools alleviate the pitfalls of poor risk-reward decisions and hence, even amateurs can be very successful.


Successful, consistent, profitable investing is not rocket science. We know this strategy is teachable and sustainable and can change your financial life. Make the investment in this education, in your future, we promise you will learn this skill.



Mark Strickland



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