The OptionsWest investor series begins with (8) three hour classes that present a real world approach on the nuts and bolts of how to make consistent profits trading the equity markets. Shown below is an outline of the topics and concepts taught in each class. The classes cover basic through advanced topics and you are free to re-take any class. Following the initial eight core classes, we recommend our monthly forum known as Investor SuperSessions. Attending these monthly meetings allow clients to hone their investment acumen, as we really never stop learning in this business. Acquiring the skills of a successful investor requires a rigorous and thorough approach, but a journey that is well worth the effort.

It is highly recommended that you begin with the FREE (3) hour introductory class before you take the first course. This will give you a clear idea where you're headed. The beginning eight OptionsWest classes form the core of your investor education. You may take and pay for the classes individually or purchase the Pro-Investor Package and save significantly. Our TradeView Software tool is required for all but the very first class. A TradeView software license is included in the Pro-Investor Package. We also provide a very valuable trade email alert service, known as the OptionsWest e-Advantage. This service provides students with great trading ideas.

Successful Investing 101
Class #1 .... ( 3 ) Hour Class

  • Intro to Stocks and Trading
  • Stock Prices are Not Real
  • Stock Pricing and Valuation
  • "The Multiple," P/E
  • Growth is King, PEG
  • Valuation, S&P 500, Yield
  • Cheap Stocks
  • Sectors & Diversification
  • Fundamental Analysis / Earnings
  • Stocks On Sale / Risk vs Reward
  • Intro to Technical Analysis Basics
  • The Mechanics of Buying Stocks

Options Trading 101
Class #2 .... ( 3 ) Hour Class

  • Your Trading Command Center
  • Your Three Trading Tools
  • Stock Charts / Tools of the Trade
  • Introducing Options
  • Safe vs Risky Options
  • Premium, Strike Price, Expiration
  • Time Decay
  • Calls, Puts, Options Chains
  • Bid, Ask, Options Spreads, LEAPS
  • Technical Analysis Basic Concepts
  • Advanced Stock Order Concepts

Covered Call Concepts
Class #3 .... ( 3½ ) Hour Class

  • Covered Call Concepts - Real Estate
  • Covered Call Concepts - Stocks
  • Investing vs Gambling
  • The Makings of an OptionsWest style Covered Call
  • The OptionsWest Covered Call Calculator
  • Getting "Called Out"
  • DITM and ITM Strategies & Returns
  • ATM and OTM Strategies & Returns
  • Getting Out on the "Delta"
  • The Velocity of Your Funds
  • Steps to Placing Risk Adverse Trades
  • Managing Covered Call Trades

.Covered Call Trading
Class #4 .... ( 3½ ) Hour Class

  • OptionsWest style Covered Call Details
  • Covered Call Accounting
  • Finding Good Risk Adverse Trades
  • Placing the Trade - Risk Levels
  • Sample Trades
  • Automated Trades - Limit Debit Spread
  • Delta Out Trade Placement
  • Managing Your Positions
  • OptionsWest Style Trade Risk
  • Closing Out the Month
  • Managing Positions NOT Called Out
  • Covered Call Virtual Market Trading

.Covered Call Workshop
Class #5 .... ( 3½ ) Hour Class

  • Using the e-Advantage Covered Call Listing
  • Managing a $100,000 Virtual Account
  • Placing OptionsWest style Covered Call Trades
  • Placing Automated Limit Spread Orders
  • Placing "Delta Out" Orders
  • Manage Mid-Month Positions
  • Placing Mid-Late Month Secondary Trades
  • Logging Trades to Streaming Charts
  • Logging Trades to TradeView
  • Month End Procedures
  • Automating "Not Called Out" Positons
  • Managing Account Trading Cash

.Tradeview Investor
Class #6
.... ( 3½ )
Hour Class

  • Intro to TradeView
  • TradeView Components
  • The TradeView Totals and Log Screens
  • Design vs Management Screens
  • OptionsWest Covered Call Calculator
  • Covered Call Entry Screen
  • Stock Trade Entry Screen
  • Short Stock Entry Screen
  • Creating a Covered Call Mgmt Worksheet
  • Trade Mangement - Placing / Closing Trades
  • Managing Tabs and Completed Trades
  • Account Growth Chart

.Technical Analysis/ Charting
Class #7
.... ( 3½ )
Hour Class

  • Charts
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trading Channels, Higher Highs, Lower Lows
  • Trends, Trends, Trends
  • Volatility
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Simple Moving Averages 20, 50 ,200
  • Investor Emotion, the Mental Game
  • Trading Forces
  • Volatility Squeeze
  • Reading Market Sentiment

.Successful Stock Investor
Class #8 .... ( 3½ ) Hour Class

  • Advanced Covered Call Hedged Trade Concepts
  • Option Anamolies
  • Hedged Positions
  • Straight Stock Trading for Success
  • Buying and Selling Points
  • Trading Emotions and Stock trading Rules
  • Risk vs Reward
  • Stock trades must have a thesis
  • Stop Orders, limiting losses
  • VIX, Sentiment Oscillator, Indexes
  • Stock Trading Concepts...Short Squeeze
  • Stock Trading vs Covered Calls


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