The Pro Investor Package gives you the complete course, all the tools, and the support needed to master the neccessary skills required to become a successful investor. It also allows you to save significantly over taking the classes individually. Ninety-nine percent of our clients choose the Pro Package as it is designed to provide you with a complete education at a discounted price. Our promise is that you will learn this skill set. The Pro Package includes "Free re-fills", allowing clients to repeat any or all of the classes as many times as they wish. This benefit gives those who are new to the subject the opportunity to fully grasp every concept and detail. Our monthly SuperSession meetings assure that you are supported on and on-going basis as you begin to apply your skills in the market. Our goal is to see your continued success in applying this education.


The Pro-Investor Package includes all eight (3) hour classes, a TradeView software license, the e-Advantage Membership service for (12) months, SuperSession forum meeting attendance for (12) months and "Free re-fills" on all the classes. The SuperSessions also allow time for questions and personal coaching.


...Valued at $12,300.00 . . SAVE $4,000.00
Discount Price $ 8,300.00

Package Includes :  
This classroom series includes (8) basic classes that give you a sound foundation for successful trading.


Successful Investing 101

Class 1 (3) Hour Class Stocks and Investing Basics
$ 1,000.00
Options Trading 101 Class 2 (3) Hour Class Investing and Options Trading
$ 1,000.00


Covered Call Concepts

Class 3 (3+) Hour Class Covered Calls Options Basics
$ 1,200.00
Covered Call Trading Class 4 (3+) Hour Class OptionsWest Style Covered Calls
$ 1,200.00


Covered Call Workshop

Class 5 (3) Hour Class Covered Calls Workshop
$ 1,200.00
TradeView Options Investor Class 6 (3) Hour Class TradeView Software Overview
$ 1,200.00


Technical Analysis / Charts

Class 7 (3+) Hour Class Chart Technical Analysis
$ 1,500.00
Successful Stock Investor . Class 8 (3+) Hour Class Successfule Stock Investing
$ 1,500.00

  Free Refills! - Take the (8) classes as many times as you require within a two year timeframe.

These monthly sessions are presented to hone your trading skills and allow you the access to ongoing instruction to really learn the craft. These monthly forums include time for Q&A and the sharing of trade ideas, as well as the opportunity for personal coaching.

Investor SuperSessions

(2) Hour Sessions
Each Session presents a detailed analysis of the months trades and a status of the market. The sessions also includes Q&A and personal coachng.
....$ 600.00
. .Annually

These monthly classes are your tool for really learning the skills of a successful investor. This is your opportunity to meet with other investors and an instructor, learning and trying new approaches and practices, sharing trading ideas and information sources, asking questions and practicing the skills that will allow you to call yourself a successful investor.

$ 50.00/ea

$ 700.00
  TradeView Software... is a Visual Basic/Excel platform software tool that greatly enhances an investor's ability to select, manage, track, and grow a trading account. It has been indispensable in our own trading and is a major factor in our success.
Annual License Renewal
$ 100.00 /year

$ 100.00 /month
OptionsWest e-Advantage ... is a service that provides an invaluable daily listing of potential Covered Call trades. The listing presents all the data you need to quickly find and build profitable positions. Running the numbers through the covered call calculator in Tradeview allows for a quick path to placing successful Covered Calls. The service also provides email alerts of all the trades that we place in our equiFund as we place them. You can follow along with our positions and trades to learn how we manage an account.

Total Value of the entire Pro Investor Package...
$ 12,300.00




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