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Eleven years from today you could be done! You can start this year and build an investment account that becomes a passive income engine allowing you the freedom to truly live off of your investments. Creating a substantial annual passive income is a very acheivable goal through implementing a conservative "OptionsWest style Covered Call" investment strategy, The stratagem can be applied to any starting dollar figure, but as a measuring point we present the numbers that unfold with a plan that begins with a $50,000 account. We have been meeting and beating the 3% monthly ROI objective needed for this plan for many years and are confident anyone learning this approach can equal these conservative and achievable results. Utilizing the "Magic of Stealth Compounding" and applying the principle to the fullest, we consistently achieve annual rates of return exceeding 40%-50%. This allows an account to grow at an exponential pace, creating a significant principal balance within a 10 year time frame. The annual interest from this ten year principal amount, will exceed a $600,000 annual income. We can teach you how to make this happen! For more details see below.

Learn how to invest, utilizing the low risk OptionsWest style Covered Call Strategy.

Invest $50,000 in a brokerage account that specializes in automated Covered Call trades

The OptionsWest style Covered Call strategy gives you a 3% average monthly return.

The result is a 43%-50% annual compounded return. (We actually do better than 50%)

43% on $50,000 gives you an initial annual profit of $21,288

The $21,288 covers your education cost of $8,300 and still leaves you with $62,988 in your trading account. A great first year 26% return.

Compounding $62,988 at 43% for the next 10 years = $2,250,000

Producing income on the $2,250,000 at a very conservative 2% per month (27% annual) gives you a monthly income of over $50,000, or over $600,000 per year, forever!




You will spend 4-5 hours per month managing your investments, that's it !



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